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Family - Who Is Nutter?!

If you’re fortunate to have harmonious family relationships, the following might not resonate with you.

However, we all have a wounded inner child within .

Relationships are hard work. Keeping them healthy, authentic, and mutually supportive is a hard job.

Maybe your family makes you doubt yourself; that’s probably why you became a rebel, questioning ‘science’ and finding common sense.

I would like you to ask yourself, who decides if you’re worthy?

Trusting yourself and your judgment is another side to loving yourself. 

I can’t promise that my inner child healing meditation will also help heal your relationship with your parents - It certainly didn’t heal mine. Still, it may help you fall asleep when overthinking or feeling slightly misunderstood at night. 

If you noticed some abandonment issues, looking at reparenting yourself is the right move!

I have this meditation unlisted on YouTube. Just hit the reply button with the words INNER CHILD in the body of the e-mail, and I’ll send you the link within 24 hours.

I used to resist the phrase: Choose the path of the least resistance. 

Come on, why is that the best one?

Does it mean I’m not supposed to make any effort or strive to achieve my higher goals?

These days, I understand it better. I reframed it - Walk the path of no self-imposed struggle.

Do you get what I mean?

Sometimes you’re digging, looking for treasure where there’s only pain… when you stop that labor, go chill, have a soft drink, pet a pet, or read a book…. Youmight realize that you’ve stopped doing what you know works a long time ago, and that’s why your world has become tough or mundane. 

Do what works, and then the path unfolds.


WHAT YOU SEEK IS SEEKING YOU, so stop resisting/struggling, and SHOW UP.

Deep down, YOU know where.

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