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Gratitude, digestion, food-love, and self-love

It’s a long one today, but I promise it’ll be insightful!

Someone asked me a question recently: if you were to freeze your life exactly as you see it right now - nothing would change for the rest of your days… Would you be okay with it? How does it make you feel?

To my surprise, I was fine with that image.

I mean, I always thought I would end up as this crazy cat lady 😸, and lo and behold, I have cats now, but I’m not crazy! (- as in insane, a little crazy that I might be, yes!) 

I was admiring the two fur males 🐈 🐈‍⬛ sleeping on the bed in front of me, which are not mine, but could be if we froze the time, smelling my experimental cooking from the kitchen 🍲, aware I’d continue live single and drama-free, in a country with an enviable hot climate 🇲🇽, feeling safe, debt-free, not hang up on/controlled by material things, and having old and new hiking buddies nearby and long-time friends on the other side of the phone 👯‍♀️, life was perfect… 

How does your frozen image make you feel?

If it’s not grateful, can you do something to make it so?

Of course, I still sweat things. 

Eating food might be the biggest blessing and curse for me. I did a 40-hour long fast to help ease my IBS flare-up last weekend. It helped. Will it come back? Most likely. Unless I learned to breathe and tackle my nervous system and every single stored memory, so I went ahead with it. It shall be a long journey.

I had a flashback to my childhood. I saw myself sending a wave of tremendous fear into my stomach and storing it there because shit I couldn’t digest was happening. I breathed into it, released the knot, and forgave my parents for the triggers. 

Digestion is always better if we relax and move energy. I also prefer to cook for myself and not adhere to other people’s eating schedules. It is extremely stressful for me to eat at night. Why do people love massive dinners before they go to sleep anyway?

Things I’m all over these days summed up: Home-cooking.

Not only can I avoid fluoridated salt, rancid veggie oils, additives, and bad vibes, but I also infuse it with magic. Yeah, baby!

But seriously, these are my go-to's atm. 

The Glucose Goddess Youtube channel. Did you know it is no joke to eat your food in the correct order? Yes, you can have bread, fruit, chocolate, or soda, just not on an empty stomach! We can trick the body into thinking we eat a balanced meal. 

Start every meal (including breakfast) with veggies to create a protective fiber bed in your stomach, ten have protein, fat, and lastly, starch. 

Are you craving that cake or fruit? Finish your savory meal with it! 

This young lady has helped numerous people reverse diabetes with her simple tricks. 

Hot chocolate instead of coffee in the afternoon. Oaxaca, Mexico, has some of the best cacao I’ve ever had (Costa Rica is way up there too)

I like to buy the powder and some unsweetened slabs, then combine it at home with hot water, monk-fruit, and coconut milk.

No energy crash afterward!  

Avocado mashed on juicy slices of Jicama topped with spicy macha sauce—my old-time favorite snack/lunch in Mexico.

Beef liver and onions… omg, when I stumbled upon this street food stand on an inconspicuous corner of Mexico City, I felt like a bewildered child in a candy store. Except that the liver is a million times healthier and more nourishing!

Of course, they had to serve it on these delicious, albeit inflammatory, tortillas. (Unfortunately, I had the tortillas too) Now, I am on a no-corn train and prepare the pasture-raised liver and caramelized onions at home and eat them straight up! 

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