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The 5-Day Self-Love Challenge

Updated: Apr 23


Isn’t loving yourself and treating yourself as your best friend the hardest thing sometimes? 💔

Video number 1 can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

And Facebook. where you’ll find attachments, and me hopping on live on Tuesday!

Of course, they had to start building below the already noisy apartment in Oaxaca City, so I shut myself in the hot, stuffy bathroom.

This will be the longest video out of 5.

Tomorrow, it will be shorter, but it’ll include a separate meditation in audio.

Today, I asked you an important question: What isn’t self-love for you?

Can you observe the many ways you put yourself down?

Then, we performed EFT tapping on meridians to start the reprogramming ❤️‍🔥




Can you love yourself better through the food you eat and the drinks you drink?

Video number 2 can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

All can be found on Facebook soon, too.

What is self-love for you?

Can you observe the many ways you aim to nourish yourself? Sometimes, attempts at self-soothing become misdirected and result in overindulging. Summon all the self-compassion you need!

If it’s still hard, make sure you listen to the inner child healing meditation. And in the coming days, we’ll help you love yourself even further! ❤️‍🔥




Did you know that keeping your word, aka having integrity with yourself, raises your self-esteem?

While you cannot make any man love you, you can make yourself love you!

Today, we look at the ways we can pivot and still stay true to our goals and the beauty within!

Video number 3 can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

All can be found on Facebook , too.

How can you respect the person in the mirror ?

Deliver on your word, even if late (better than never), and become unstoppable! ❤️‍🔥




This short Kundalini meditation is designed to release scarcity programming, shame, guilt, grief, shyness, self-doubts, and feelings of disconnection from the source. Don’t believe me? Try it!

And don’t forget to breathe (as I seem to have forgotten while talking you through it!)

Video number 4 can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

All can be found on Facebook shortly too.

Could you feel the tingles while letting the proverbial snake crawl from your sex up the spine?

To further fire up the Kundalini, I composed 2 playlists for you.

Book a session with me to learn how to light up the fire within ❤️‍🔥

No partner is required!




I hope you realized by now that self-love is somewhat automatic during the easy times, the pretty times, the lovers times, the lost-weight times, or the prosperous times… the real art is mastering it during the hard times, the ugly times, the alone times, the fat times and the poor times.

That’s when you need your love the most!

Video number 5 can be viewed on YouTube HERE.

All can be found on Facebook too.

I will be online tomorrow at 11 AM Mexico City time! Can you make it?

Contact me with any feedback and questions.

With Love,


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