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The Truth About Lyme

Updated: Mar 24

After getting informed about Terrain theory, listening to a brilliant Alfacast episode

and watching Dr. Sam Bailey's video, I am hesitant to use the term Lyme disease.

So here are the facts and my conclusion about what happened after I finally noticed a tick on my leg in May 2023 and subsequently got treated for severe 'symptoms' of Lyme 6 weeks later.

You should know that Dr. Barre Lando addresses these infected ticks as bioweapons. According to Dr. Sam Bailey, the spirochetes that wreak havoc in the human body cannot be confirmed as Borrelia.

Yet, symptoms of "something" are very real, I can attest.

I've seen the black dot on my inner thigh two days before already. It was only during the unclothed moments before showering, usually when I take off my contact lenses or glasses. Without those, my eyesight is poor.

I thought it was a new freckle or a scab.

So, two days later, I noticed the 'scab' nearly falling off. I put my glasses back on and cringe. I got the bloodsucker the fuck out. Some people recommend soaking a cotton pad in colloidal silver and immediately taping it onto the hole.

I had no silver on me, so I put some tea tree oil on.

I started developing fatigue in a week. I slept a lot and rested a lot.

In 2 weeks, I couldn't sleep well despite being tired. I was rather spaced out.

Now - the important part. I had been so miserable and tired of life weeks before the tick bite! I experienced heartbreak and, frankly, was just over the hamster wheel of life.

Within three weeks of the bite, I didn't feel myself at all and noticed a small bullseye post-fangs.

Then I started being really, really tired. I, no coffee girl, had a triple espresso before work but felt ready to go back to bed.

That wasn't normal.

Staying focused felt very challenging. I'd feel muscle stiffness/weakness sometimes and even nerve-tingling.

I got myself many herbal tinctures by that point and reduced my carb intake.

My workload, the stress of the city, and my not ideal living situation didn't put me in the right mindset to fast or be only keto.

I needed energy. I ate well, supplemented, and drank herbal teas and organic coffee to get through the day.

Six weeks later, my friends sent me to the doctor. I didn't wanna go, but my environment didn't support my beliefs about self-healing.

There was a lot of fearmongering about the cases where they didn't detect Lyme early enough, and people developed lifelong issues. I couldn't afford that.

In June, I wasn't a terrain theory newbie, but I felt lost nevertheless.

Had I been in Bali, yeah, I could water-fast, go to empowering workshops, not work nightshifts, and have spiritual folks around me.

It felt impossible to pick myself up in Prague.

The doctor confirmed Borrelia and prescribed a 3-week course of antibiotics.

I took it.

Obviously, I healed my gut microbiome since then.

Probiotics, Aloe Vera, colostrum and psyllium.

The mind is such a powerful master. We can direct it towards healing at any time. Even at times of heightened stress.

However, role models and support networks are necessary for success.

I had not heard of Dr. Lando's take on Lyme then and didn't know anyone who didn't take antibiotics. I knew that my Theta Healer used a bio-resonance machine to kill the eggs after her antibiotics failed.

Mine worked. Thank God.

But would I take them again?

After hearing Dr. Lando speak, I'd force myself to do energy work daily, maybe a Quigong or Vipassana meditation. It's hard to do a prolonged water fast at times of stress, but I could find a hypnotist or temporarily leave the West. But, in my humble opinion, if the conditions aren't supportive, just see antibiotics as a gift from God, and the 'placebo' effect will do the trick before the actual pills get to work.

Don't beat yourself up for not taking the longer route. A strong body might require trials and errors, more experience, and a softer approach over time.

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