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What rocks my world these days


I always tackle at least 2-3 books at a time. The key is to have each a different genre and switch it up depending on your mood.

1. Why am I afraid to tell you who I am by John Powell. Paperback. What a mighty thin book! As I was reading the rules for effective ‘gut-level communication’, a sudden sense of relief beckoned unto me; I felt more and more liberated and even joyful. What happened? I traced back my thoughts and realized I was so preoccupied with another’s feelings about me that I forgot all about my own! How can I begin to be honest with myself and stay more centered?

Eureka was born. Dr. Kelly Brogan would conclude that I finally stopped trying to buy eggs from a hardware store. 

Ask yourself - Is there something more aligned available for me right now? 

2. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. Audiobook on Youtube. I dare to say that this might be the only book you need to get out of depression, anxiety, and stuckness. 

Can all our negative thoughts be attributed to the devil?

I think it makes our refocusing on thriving easier. 

I now pay attention to the Devil’s lies more than ever before. Feeling depressed or anxious is a good indicator that we are not aligned with God’s consciousness.

Who are you at your best? Have integrity and purpose, and be definite in striving to manifest your deepest desires. 


I made a little detour to Panama and fell in love. There’s so much to see there! The locals are kind, the food clean and tasty, and there are luscious greens wherever you look.

I’ll be back. 

Oaxaca Juarez

An opportunity offered itself to spend three weeks in the city, so I am now on route. I’m lookingforward to exploring more of this gem. The few days in Oaxaca in 2022 weren’t enough. The area attracts spiritually oriented expats who enjoy tranquillity, hiking, and moles! I highly recommend you stop by when in Mexico. 

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