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You can’t miss out on a healthier and happier life!

I ran my first online Self-love Challenge, and I’ll do it again. Ten ladies journeyed with me, and more curious people are catching up on my Facebook

Is it true that unless we can love and accept ourselves, we can’t love and accept another?

I don’t quite agree with that. 

But if you love yourself, you treat yourself better, and that is a great foundation for your mental and physical health - your community will appreciate that, too!

Too many hurt children in adult bodies run wild in the streets. 

Admittedly, the challenge was for me, too.

I realized that I found it hard to love myself through the unstable times of traveling, inadequate exercise/eating routine, severe sleep deprivation, and missing out on my favorite supplements and cosmetic brands, none of which I could find in Mexico; plus, my Amazon orders never arrived. First-world problems in third-world countries woke up the whiny princess within. 

Of course, it’s easier to love ourselves through the good times, the svelte times, and the prosperous times… but it’s in the hard times when we need our love the most. 





And Dance…

In those five days, I touched upon all we need to thrive as queens (and kings).

If you’ve missed it, the beta version videos are still on my blog.

I’m creating an alpha version of a 3.5-hour masterclass where I’ll teach you all my learnings regarding self-love. This wisdom began forming in my childhood when I experienced bullying for my exotic looks: I opened up about it in my recent live on Facebook.

It’s all rather ridiculous now that I know it was precisely my unusual face that landed me modeling jobs years later!

In the masterclass, I discuss all energy healing techniques in depth, alongside meditation, journaling, and sensual dance practice. It will include an entire Theta Healing session and valuable downloads to reprogram your self-deprecating mind.

The presale link with 50% off is here

After it launches in a week, the price will increase to $111 or more. 

I’ve been back in Playa Del Carmen, doing the rounds of visiting friends and dating; you are never left alone in this Mexican-Canadian village! So catch me if you can.

With Love,


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