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Tantra and Self-love the Paths to Conscious Sexuality

Tantra and Self-love the Paths to Conscious Sexuality

This book will change your life!


Do taboos still surround your sexuality? Do you battle secret shame, guilt, or low self-worth? Do you attract unsatisfying relationships?

Look no further than this book to finally heal and manifest the self-love, confidence, and sex life you'd love to have.

This book will answer all your Tantric questions in a frank and entertaining manner and support you on your journey toward practical mind-body-spirit healing.

Not only will it help you heal abuse with deeper awareness and self-love, but it will also encourage you to practice that ecstatic bliss you've heard about - in and out of the bedroom, even if you're single or celibate!

Great love and sex are possible even if you've been previously hurt.

You will learn applicable tips to pull yourself out of low-frequency vibration where you don't feel too good about yourself. Bit by bit, you will discover how to be authentic in your rawness, embrace your vulnerability, and become a magnet for joy, love, and sensual adventures. You will start seeing opportunities for growth, human connection, and expansion everywhere.

Plus, you'll learn step-by-step Tantric massage! Your beloved will be delighted.


"TANTRA AND SELF-LOVE - THE PATHS TO CONSCIOUS SEXUALITY" is written by an expert on the human well-being field, an advocator of natural holistic nutrition, free-thinking, and empowered sexuality. Pavlina F. educates about White Tantric healing, spirituality, and living authentically and courageously. The author followed her own path of self-discovery on which she healed herself from depression and anxiety. Her wisdom and empathy make her a potent transformational mentor for women and men alike. Pavlina inspires and motivates people on their own journeys to holistic well-being. She believes that once we connect to our higher selves and God, we see opportunities for joyous connections, love, expansion, and abundance everywhere.

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