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You know that deep transformation isn't about doing one energy healing course, an Ayahuasca retreat, or a sensual Tantric massage.

Healing, STAYING HEALED AND CHANGED, is about managing your stress and anxiety long-term, releasing past painful memories without re-living the drama of them, ending perpetual self-abuse, trusting yourself again, forgiving, and last but not least, reclaiming your sovereignty, body, and pleasure - DAILY.

Hi, I'm Pavlina,

a life coach, energy healer, and Tantrika.

I practice what I preach. I self-healed past childhood traumas, anxiety attacks, moderate depression, addictions, and left jobs that sucked me dry.

As a feminine woman in touch with her masculine side, I assist people on their path to wholeness with empathy, nurturance, and wit. I'm sensible, yet funny so you won't get bored!

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Some of my Training Background

- Theta Healing
- Hormone Health Nutrition
- Tantra Massage and De-armouring
- Life Coaching
- Positive Psychology
- EFT tapping
- Reiki
- TRE (Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises)
- Counseling and Psychotherapy skills
- Mindfulness Meditation
- Kundalini Dancing/Breathwork
- 5rhythms Dancing
- Body Electronics Shamanism - Sedona and Point-Holding techniques
- Landmark Pty and Tony Robbins UPW Graduate

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My Healing & Coaching Services

I follow these principles

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Our bodies and minds are deeply interconnected. Stressful experiences can leave lasting imprints on both our physical and mental well-being. Counseling helps only partially. Because emotional trauma imprints itself on the body, I treat people holistically, paying attention to their current ailments and energy levels. If you are done with victimhood, want to know more about self-healing, and how to start treating your body as a temple - WITHOUT CLOSING OFF, I've got the recipe. Your Inner Woman should feel like a Goddess to enjoy her sexuality again. Your Inner Man should embody the God within by stepping up and becoming a protector and provider for Her - You. So that, the masculine and feminine may lead together in harmony.

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Modality like Theta Healing, an energy-meditative healing method for releasing limiting beliefs and installing more helpful ones, can help you gain clarity and prompt action.
Bodywork, which encompasses various therapeutic techniques like massage, point holding, somatic experiencing, yoga, aromatherapy, breathwork, and movement, recognizes this mind-body connection and leverages it to promote healing and transformation.
Conscious Sexuality Education, which I provide online and TEACH all the principles to you in a safe and supportive environment, lets you begin to release these stored emotions and sensations. An unburned body and mind allow you to regain balance, heal, and experience bliss (outside the bedroom, too!).

Reiki Therapy


I have a trauma-informed approach to healing and coaching.

Romantic betrayals, emotionally unavailable parents and partners, work stress, sexual abuse, or domestic violence could have shut your body down to protect you from further harm. In other cases, these could have propelled you to take back control in self-abuse ways and perhaps become hyper-sexual. Both coping mechanisms can lead to total dissociation, where you disconnect from your body and heart.
Therapy and somatic experiencing can facilitate a gentle reconnection, helping you feel grounded and present. This reconnection is essential for healing, allowing you to become more aware of your emotions and sensations. Come, journey back into your heart with me!
I have a plethora of methods to help you do that. My favorites are Reiki, Kundalini breathwork, Theta Healing, movement meditation, and consensual Tantra - aka Conscious Sexuality Ed. 

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The benefits of working with me long-term

  1. Winning over your shame, guilt, and emotional trauma

  2. Regulated nervous system

  3. Empowered consciousness - The end to victimhood

  4. Higher self-esteem, self-love, and inner joy

  5. Reconnection to your body and higher sensitivity

  6. Healthier relationships and stronger boundaries

  7. Healthier nutrition that works for your hormone balance

  8. No more people pleasing on the account of your wellbeing

  9. Peaceful mind and heart

  10. Ecstatic Bliss, whenever and wherever

...and more.


Seeing the God and Goddess within you.

I'll shed light on your dark moments and help you reframe them.

I'll awaken and inspire you to become the best version of yourself, raise your standards in love and intimacy, and love yourself first and foremost.

I am a passionate shadow worker. Give me all the shameful, ugly, unspeakable mess, and we ALCHEMIZE IT!

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Your privacy is of utmost importance to me. I maintain strict confidentiality, and my serene location ensures a safe and private experience. To reserve your healing session, please message me on
Or use the contact form below. 

Important Note:

My services are for adults who seek guidance, natural healing, healing of PTSD, sexual problems, anxiety, and hormone issues, and foster relaxation and personal growth. I do not provide any medical advice, pharmaceutical services, or hands-on Tantric massage. My website is for educational purposes and my services are transmitted via energy healing of body and mind. 

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Company registered in the UK (5255268148)
Servicing Worldwide from EST timezone.


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Pavlina has a beautiful way of holding space for you to open up and be vulnerable. She is understanding and compassionate and guides you beautifully to what you need. She guided me through a powerful chakra breathing exercise that was extremely grounding and helped me to feel connected to my body and soul when I had been feeling so disconnected. I would highly recommend her, she is a beautiful person inside and out and has a real gift!!!

Hannah B.

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